Tax Compliance/Planning/Consulting

Preparing and filing tax returns are a necessary requirement for all of us. However, the thought of preparing tax returns is one that most of us would prefer to avoid and may procrastinate about, often finding ourselves racing to meet the fast approaching deadline.

It’s true that preparing tax returns can be a complex process, involving multiple rules at the federal, state and local level. However, with the appropriate knowledge, communication, support and advance planning the tax filing process can be managed so that it simply becomes part of your regular routine. Having a CPA as your partner to collaborate with you, advocate for you and educate you to stand on your own, can make a significant difference.

Advance planning is an important way you can help legally minimize your tax liabilities by utilizing the appropriate tax strategies that apply to your specific situations. Advance planning can also help you manage the potential stress caused by wondering “will I owe a lot of money with my tax returns?”. It can also help ensure that you manage cash flow appropriately so that the cash is there as needed, not only for taxes but for all expenses and other needs, along with a reserve for unexpected contingencies.

I believe that planning and communication with your CPA needs to occur all year round, not just at tax time so hopefully you’re not surprised when you see your tax returns – and may even find yourself thinking “that is what I expected”.

Throughout our lives, significant changes can and do occur. In these circumstances, it is even more important to discuss any anticipated changes in advance, not only to manage your tax liabilities, but to ensure that you have fully complied with all of the related laws and regulations.

Tax compliance, planning and consulting services are provided for the following types of entities: individuals, business entities, nonprofit organizations, estates, trusts, gift tax, and other tax matters as needed.