Nonprofit Organizations


I know how passionate you are about your mission and I understand the challenges you face and how to navigate through them. Often drawn from profound personal experiences, nonprofit organizations are founded by, and owe their existence to dedicated individuals who have identified an urgent need, and have the passion, drive and determination to ensure that need is addressed. Having worked with several nonprofits, I understand how bringing your organization to life and furthering the mission over the long run does have its unique share of challenges, especially since today there is tremendous competition for funding. You CAN achieve growth and expansion when you combine your passion, drive and determination with appropriate and thoughtful planning. Along with successfully conducting your mission-related programs you also need to ensure that the organization has committed leadership and a formal, strong infrastructure to support the organization and further your mission. I would love to be a part of your support team helping you to close the gap between setting your goals and achieving them.

As a CPA, Consultant and Estate Planner, I collaborate with you closely to share in your vision, and plot a clear path to help you grow your organization as if it were my own. I advocate for you to give you support and a voice when you need it. And I believe in educating you to understand your options as well as the processes and plans we put into place, so that you’re empowered to make better decisions and are more self-sufficient. But when you need me, I’ll be there for you both now and well into the future! I believe in open and full communication where no question is too insignificant or too unrelated to be asked or discussed. With a “can-do” attitude, there’s no limit to the potentiality of success.

Some of my services include: 

  • Nonprofit administration
  • Development administration
  • Grant Applications
  • GuideStar Profile
  • Board education and planning
  • Governance
  • Design and implement customized administrative infrastructure for startups and established businesses
  • Facilitate business meetings to ensure consensus
  • Advise clients in training and customization of business software for their specific needs
  • Cash Flow Planning and Budgets
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Tax Return Preparation and Planning
  • Coordinate with other members of your professional service team (attorneys, investment advisors, insurance advisors, etc.)